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Author :Name : Alan Blackwell  


Oxy-gen GEDCOM Converter 2001-2012.

These pages have been generated by the software Oxy-Gen version 1.40f, on 14/12/2019. You can download it here.

The information in this Family Tree is held on my computer using the Personal Ancestry File version 5 (PAF5) program. Before 2010, this tree was exported to the Web and shown using the format generated by PAF5. However, from November 2010 onwards, it is shown using a new format generated by OxyGen from a Gedcom file exported from PAF5. This provides a better presentation, including Ancestry and Descendants charts. If you wish to view the old PAF5 format, go back to my Family History Home Page.

This document contains the complete database of my ancestral relations, and their descendants. Birth dates and other details except their names are suppressed for those persons who are (or may be) still living. [In fact, some individuals are listed and treated as still living who are actually known to be dead. This is due to the strict protection rules within PAF5, which is rather conservative.]

This hypertext document shows the descendancy tree from each family root, for each of the ancestral families of my mother Frances Blackwell nee Lutman. It includes over 5000 members of these and related family trees, encompassing up to 16 generations. You can click on the links to children, parents, or spouses of each individual, to follow their family tree.

Note that the report includes several imaginary 'Root' individuals to provide a convenient ancestral root for each family line. For technical reasons these are shown as married to each other, but this is spurious.

As an alternative way of viewing this data, or for generating your own charts and reports, you can download a GEDCOM file to view in a genealogical database program such as PAF, Brothers Keeper, Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, etc. For Gedcom files, go back to my Family History Webpage.

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